Geology, Reserves and Resources

Reserves and resources 

Mathema understands that a deep, high quality understanding of reserves and resources are the key to any mining company. Mathema develops high quality, sensitised reserve and resource estimates using advanced computational techniques. 

Point clouds, drill holes, anything....

Mathema has a technology stack that permits it to generate robust, high quality wire-frame and grade shells, lithology boundaries, faults or surfaces.

This can be done using 3D points, polylines, polygons or drillhole intervals as input.

This inout generates wireframe solids representing features like lithology units or zones of a specified grade range, or wireframe surfaces such as fault planes or surface topography. These wireframes are readily visualised and are a valuable tool for finalising geological or grade interpretations.

Mathema can work with virtually any known CAD (Vector/Mesh), GIS (Vector/Image/Raster), Mining (block/wire-frame/grid) model.

Sign-off to recognised standards

Mathema works with some of the most highly regarded geologists, mining engineers and geophysicists in the industry giving complete peace of mind in relation to any sign-off and its compliance with a recognised technical standard.



μάθημα (máthēma, knowledge, study, learning)

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