Market Connectivity

Mathema excels at connectivity solutions

Mathema excels at real-time financial messaging connectivity. Low-latency, redundant synchronous and non-synchronous connections are a specialty.

Data Feed Vendor Connectivity

Connectivity with all major vendors and platforms including Bloomberg B-Pipe®, Refinitiv® and direct to exchange.

FIX Connectivity

FIX versions 4.2, 4.4, 5.0, 5.0SP2, FIXatdl. All session protocols.

FIX integration including state machine and SQL integration.

ITCH / OUCH Connectivity

NASDAQ® ITCH 5.0 and variants, SoupBinTCP integration.

Web Socket / REST / NATS / ZeroMQ / Message Broker Connectivity

TCP/IP and UDP based connectivity including web socket, Representational State Transfer (REST) and Message Broker connectivity including ZeroMQ and NATS.

Infrastructure / cross-connect / VPN Connectivity

Data centre integration including cross-connect and VPN connectivity.


Mapping of all major symbols and protocols including ISIN, RIC, Bloomberg, SEDOL.









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